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Our Traditional Recipe For Stir Fry

Recipe For Stir Fry
Recipe For Stir Fry
The quickest cooking method that everyone enjoys is stir frying.  Recipes for stir fry provide a very quick and easy way of preparing meal for our homes.  As far as I can remember, Mom used to cook food for us by stir frying beef, pork or chicken, mixed with some vegetables and sautéed with a deliciously flavorful sauce.  Some of her recipes have been passed on to us and we are able to duplicate it one way or the other.  After I got married, I used to ask Mom how to cook some of her favorite dishes at our house.  I used to request for her to come and teach us how to do her beef stir fries, her pork stir fries and even her chicken stir fries.  My wife got almost all of it too. She was very attentive to my Mom’s demonstrations and was able to capture the manner she cooks and how she deliciously sauté the ingredients.  When we learned her cooking, we started to invite her for dinner while we do the cooking.  At first we were not expecting admiration but advices on how to improve our recipes.  But as the years went by, she started to give us very good reviews.  Learning from her experience and tradition, we started to be creative on our own and made some modification for the improvement of the recipes and how it really suits my family’s taste.  Here is one of her recipes that you might want to try in your kitchens.  Let us begin.


  • Four to five pounds of chicken thigh
  • One fourth cup of white vinegar
  • One half cup of regular soy sauce
  • Four cloves of garlic, please crush and remove skins
  • One tablespoon of black peppercorns, please do not crush them
  • Three bay leaves
  • Two large onions, please peel skins and chop into quarters
  • Four tablespoons of canola oil
  • Four tablespoons of crab paste, these are found in Asian stores and big supermarkets

  • Prepare all the ingredients according to the list above.
  • Start with the chicken thighs by boiling a cup of water in a pot and throw the chicken thighs in.  Let it soften for a few minutes about fifteen minutes. 
  • Once soft, remove the chicken thighs with the remaining stock and transfer to a large wok or saucepan.  Heat the sauce pan to high heat on your American stove.  
  • Then combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, except the crab meat and the onions.
  • Pour the sauce to the chicken thighs and cover the pan to let it simmer for a few minutes, about four minutes. 
  • Then lower the flame to medium and remove the cover. 
  • When sauce is reduced and thickened and chicken is tender, pour the canola oil to the pan, and stir fry for one minute.  The chicken is soft at this point and be careful not to crush them. 
  • Add the crab meat to the pan and stir to coat for one minute more. 
  • Sprinkle the onions over the chicken using your hand, spread them over the dish. 
  • Serve immediately while hot with hot steamed rice.
  • This recipe for stir fry is an old traditional recipe in our house. We hope you will like it and have a nice meal.
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